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8185003 Whirlpool Microwave (LV) Transformer MDB64-02
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D7498504 Advance Microwave (HV) Transformer 8201P11
Part InformationThis High Voltage Transformer (part number D7498504) is for Advance Microwave . ..
P100N30AP-F4S Hamilton Beach Microwave Power Control Panel Board Assembly HB-P100N30AL-S3 Stainless Steel
Part InformationThis Control Panel (part number P100N30AP-F4S) is for Hamilton Beach Microwave . ..
Part InformationThis Magnetron (part number 6324W1A001L) is for LG Microwave . Model Reference ..
WB27X10240 Samsung Microwave (HV) Capacitor SCH-212864B3 0.86uF 2100VAC
Part InformationThis Capacitor (part number WB27X10240) is for Samsung Microwave . Model Refere..

Door Micro Switches

Appliance Microwave Door Position Control OEM Micro Switches

When a microwave stops working, before replacing expensive components, it is always good idea to check the micro switches first. Micro Switches are one of those switches that are used in any commercial or residential appliances, particularly in microwaves to control the door position. We have all the three common types micro-switches that are used in appliances now days: Normal Open, Normal Close and 3 terminal micro (door) switches. has in stock genuine OEM Normal Open (NO), Normal Close, and 3 terminal (2way) micro switches with various power ratings including 1A, 15A, and 16A.

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