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8185003 Whirlpool Microwave (LV) Transformer MDB64-02
Part InformationThis Low Voltage Transfomer (part number 8185003) is for Whirlpool Microwave . ..
D7498504 Advance Microwave (HV) Transformer 8201P11
Part InformationThis High Voltage Transformer (part number D7498504) is for Advance Microwave . ..
P100N30AP-F4S Hamilton Beach Microwave Power Control Panel Board Assembly HB-P100N30AL-S3 Stainless Steel
Part InformationThis Control Panel (part number P100N30AP-F4S) is for Hamilton Beach Microwave . ..
LG 2M246 050GF GE Microwave OEM Magnetron 5304423483 WB27X10305, WB27X10876
Part InformationThis Magnetron (part number 6324W1A001L) is for LG Microwave . Model Reference Li..
Samsung GE Microwave HV Capacitor WB27X10240 .86uF 2100V
Model Reference List GE JVM1660CB004 GE JVM240BL01 GE JVM230WV01 GE JVM240BV01 GE JVM240WV01 GE JVM..

Thermostats/Thermal Switches

NO and NC Thermostats / Thermal Switches

Thermal switches, thermostats, are found in any microwave, convention oven or any other major appliance equipped with thermo-regulated devices. There are two types of thermal switches commonly found in microwaves and other major appliances: Normal Close (NC) Thermal Cutoff (TCO) and Normal Open (NO) Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) switches.  These are the main two types that are used as resettable thermal fuse to control devices with temperature activating or deactivating features.  We have great variety of selection of thermostats with detail manufacturer model cross reference list and product description that will help you find the right replacement for you appliance.

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